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Sprinkler Systems

Complete sprinkler installations to keep every inch of grass green and water bills at an all time low. Utility locating, mainline trenching and automation make this process economic and visually pleasing. Every full system install comes with a one-year warranty on labor, and a three-year warranty on parts. Look below for full installation process!!!

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a great way to manage steep grades and sculpt a landscape. Brick blocks are available in multiples of shades and walls can be designed to fit your needs. 

Sod & Seed

Turn a lot of dirt into a luscious green lawn instantly! Every sod application is prepped with top soil that is grated to keep the lawn level and to insure that the sod takes root. Seed is another option we offer for spotty areas or whole lot development. 

Planting and Drip Systems

Raised flower beds and plants can be designed and created to add mass appeal to any landscape project. Automated drip systems are the best way to keep plants happy and property owners in a CareFree state of mind. 

Flagstone Patios 

Flagstone or brick is a great option for creating a natural setting or pathway on your property. Patterns for brick and color types for flagstone are available upon request. We specialize in design and landscape layout to help perfect your ideas into reality.   

Rock Borders & Drainage

Keep water and moisture away from your home and foundation with the addition of a rock border. Storm drains can be installed onto gutter ends and weed mat is used on every application to help keep your beautiful rock beds and borders clean. 

Water Features

Create an unforgettable atmosphere in your yard with a custom water feature install. Imagination is everything when adding this priceless scenery to your landscape.  

Perimeters & Privacy

Every backyard deserves privacy and a well built fence is the perfect option. We recommend and install the highest grades of wood and galvanized steel posts to insure that your privacy will stand against the seasons. Yard borders are also a very popular choice to keep a yard clean and looking aesthetic. Rock varieties, bark and mulch are widely used mediums in perimeter designs.  

The Sprinkler System Installation Process

  • Once we are given the opportunity, the install process begins. A contract is signed and an installation date is set.

  • We notify 811 / Casper Utility Locate two days before the install to arrange for underground utilities to be marked.

  • A licensed plumber is contracted to make the connection to the main water source and install the backflow preventor. We schedule this before the installation date.

  • On the morning of the installation, we will go over the area to be covered, the location of the automatic controller and rain sensor.

  • The pipe is installed with a pipe puller. This machine is state of the art and pulls the pipe underground (up to 12 inches) with minimal damage. There is no trenching with this method. The only digging will be where the heads and valves are located.

  • All sprinkler heads are connected to the mainline with a swing pipe. This connection prevents the sprinkler heads and pipes from breaking when run over by equipment. This connection will also allow the head to move as the ground freezes and thaws.

  • All valves are located in boxes that are buried at ground level. Access to the valve boxes is only necessary for service.

  • After the installation is completed, you will be shown how to operate the automatic controller and adjust the rain sensor and sprinkler heads.

  • Payment will be made only when you are completely satisfied with the work done.

  • Every full system install comes with a one-year warranty on labor, and a three-year warranty on parts.

  • Listed below are the trusted brands that we use to install a new sprinkler system.

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