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Welcome to Casper Carefree Sprinklers and Landscape! We are a full-service irrigation and landscaping company that strives to meet all of your landscape needs, from design to installation, irrigation to lighting, and much more. 

Designing your dream landscape or hardscape project is our top priority — we treat each client as the head of their own project. In order to bring your vision to life, we focus on creating every aspect of your landscape from the ground up.

Your landscaping endeavors will be fully customized and created every step of the way, by a team that places a large emphasis on constant communication in meeting your specific needs. Our landscape professionals can create a plan that best fits your needs and desires.

In addition, our outdoor lighting sister company is also committed to giving you the most amazing landscape & holiday night lights in your neighborhood. We specialize in LED fixtures and install only top-quality lights. The warranties that we offer for our fixtures are the best you will find. Take a look at our landscape lighting page (coming soon) to learn more about LED landscape lights!

All of our employees are covered under workers' compensation insurance. Clear communication, quality work, and timely execution of the work being performed is how we do business. Every time. Every day.

The Sprinkler System Installation Process -

  • Once we are given the opportunity, the installation process begins. A contract is signed and an installation date is set.

  • We notify 811 / Casper Utility Locate two days before the install to arrange for underground utilities to be marked.

  • A licensed plumber is contracted to make the connection to the main water source and install the backflow preventer. We schedule this before the installation date.

  • On the morning of the installation, we will go over the area to be covered, the location of the automatic controller, and the layout of the system.

  • The pipe is installed with a pipe puller. This machine is state of the art and pulls the pipe underground (up to 12 inches) This minimizes damage significantly to the pre-existing landscape utilizing this method. The only digging will be where the sprinkler heads, lateral & main-line connections, and valve boxes are located.

  • All sprinkler heads are connected to the lateral line with a flexible swing pipe. This connection prevents the sprinkler heads and pipes from breaking when run over by equipment. This connection will also allow the head to move as the ground freezes and thaws. If any heads or valve boxes are set too high and damaged due to mowing, we will repair and/or replace them at no expense to the customer.

  • Valve manifolds and wiring are housed in specific boxes that are buried at ground level. Access to the valve boxes is only necessary for service. 

  • After the installation is completed, you will be shown how to operate the automatic controller and adjust the rain sensor and sprinkler heads.

  • Payment will be made only when you are completely satisfied with the work done.

  • Every full system install comes with a one-year warranty on labor & parts, and a three-year warranty on parts, if winterized professionally before the first freeze,

  • Listed at the bottom are the trusted brands that we use to install new sprinkler system components.

Our irrigation crew offers the most quality parts in all of our irrigation systems, and we practice high-quality water conservation with each design. We custom tailor the amount of water your landscaping project requires, using the latest technology to save you money.



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